mortalem: share ten facts about you and send this to ten of your favorite followers

1. i hate spinach

2. i wear glasses

3. i love make up

4. i’m studying for graphic designer

5. i would love to model

6. my fav color is black or white (i cant decide)

7. i am a shopaholic (kinda whenever i have money i spend it on clothes)

8. i have 3 cats, 1 dog and a hedgehog

9. my original hair color is dark blonde

10. i love all my followers

atractive: f+ :)

thanks honey <3

Anonymous: It's hard to breathe through your suffocating beauty.

i love u ok?!?!?!?!?!? thats so super poetic and sweet omg<3

Anonymous: you are the most perfect human honestly, you're kind and sweet and full of love and anyone would appreciate having you in their life. you deserve to be happy Emma xxx

you make me happy <3 and with you being so sweet<3 mihiii you are perfect <3 just for saying this <3 sweetheart!

Anonymous: You take my breath away. You're so stunning and such a kind person, and i've been amazed by you for a while, i just thought you should know

ohhh thats so sweet <3 come off anon and we’ll become friends babe <3



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